People who have smoked many years and who have become seriously addicted to nicotine find the e-cig helpful as it also contains nicotine. But, critics think that this is not helping eliminate their addiction but simply feeding it with exactly what they are trying to get rid of. Electronic cigarettes and similar products such as electronic cigars use a device that contains glycerol, nicotine, and specific flavors.


Experts believe that e-cigarettes should be regulated and not be defined as a product that can assist in a person’s health or help a person to quit smoking. As with cigarettes, many individuals feel that it would be best to regulate the marketing and promotion of e-cigs so consumers fully comprehend its benefits as well as its pit falls. If cigarettes are being monitored than so should e-cigs as they both have risks involved. Not everyone agrees with this but there are members of the World Health Organization from the UK that strongly believe that there should be strong regulations on the sale and production of e-cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes and electronic cigars are very popular but may not be the best for your health, according to some. The individuals who have worked very hard to make sure people understand the negative impacts tobacco has on an individual and feel the same should be done for e-cigarettes.

Knowing all of the facts can help people make the proper decisions based on their own circumstances for we are all different. No one is ever going to agree 100% on the matter, but it comes down to what choice is best for you, at least for the time being. It is very possible that e-cigs could become regulated just like regular cigarettes. Until then, make sure you enjoy your favorites while you still can.