Electronic cigarettes are a simple device to use. A few simple tips though will help you reap the most satisfaction from your new nicotine delivery system. They will also save you time and money.

If you’re satisfied with the particular model that you have purchased then it’s a good idea to buy extra batteries. New batteries should be charged for a full 12 hours even if the charger indicates that it is done charging. Re-charging should last about four hours. A car charger will allow you to ‘vape’ while driving and save your batteries. Another convenient item is a USB passthrough that will allow you to indulge at your computer.

Most manufacturers recommend starting with a low dose nicotine cartridge. These can be purchased pre-filled or your may buy e-liquid separately and fill the cartridge yourself. Starting with the low dose will ensure that you don’t get more nicotine then you’re accustomed to. After some experimenting with your e-cigarette you may want to try using a stronger dose. The doses available are high, medium, low and none for those working at kicking the habit. You many even like to try one of the variety of flavors such as menthol, vanilla, chocolate etc.

When inhaling the vaporized nicotine you should take long, slow draws. This will give you the most vapor volume which for most ‘use to be’ tobacco smokers is the most satisfying. Avoid short, hard puffs since these tend to flood the atomizer. This causes reduced vapor volume and may even allow liquid to enter your mouth.

If you have purchased a three part e-cartridge, the atomizer being a separate component, it is important to clean the atomizer regularly and thuroughly. After flushing it should be left to dry for 24 hours before next use.

If your device is of the two part variety you will be using a fresh atomizer each time you change cartridges since these two components are combined.

You should dispose or clean the cartridge when they become dark brown. Kept in good condition cartridges can deliver from 100 to 400 ‘drags’.

Some things to remember NOT to do with your e-cigarette include:

  • Never use the cartridge when it is dry. This will destroy the atomizer.
  • If you refill your own cartridges fill it just before a puddle of liquid forms on the top. Over filling can result in getting liquid in your mouth when inhaling the first couple of ‘drags’.
  • Do not leave e-cigarette batteries or cartridges in places below freezing or aboe 120F. This can harm them.
  • ┬áIf atomizer becomes hot while use discontinue until atomizer cools or it may be destroyed.
  • Do not continue to use a battery if it becomes hot.

These tips will help to maintain your electronic cigarette and keep it working like new.