If you think that science has not widened its invention in the arena of smoking, you will be surprised to know about the electronic cigarettes that haverevolutionized the cigarette smoking experience of many across the world. Alsoknown as e-cigarettes or smokeless cigarettes, the electronic cigarettes have introduced a healthier option for the smokers over the traditional cigarettes.

About the Electronic Cigarette, or e-Cigarette

Although the electronic cigarettes resemble to traditional cigarette in their look, taste and feel, they differ in their function. But the upside of the smokelesscigarette is they don’t burn any tobacco. Inhaling of the e-cigarette releaseswater vapor that contains nicotine giving the smokers a scent that gives theflavor of tobacco. By smoking an electronic cigarette, the smoker can enjoy the same relaxing effect of cigarette without being exposed to the cancer causingagents such as glue, tar, hydrocarbons and hundreds of additives that are found in traditional cigarettes.

It has been more than three years since the electronic cigarette was introduced to the market. For the nicotine addicts who want to do away with the habits it has been proved as the best approach. The smokeless cigarettes come with varied levels of nicotine levels and in fact, it is the nicotine level that is responsible for reducing the nicotine carving of the smokers. Apparently, continuous smoking of the cigarette can reduce and eventually, quit the smoking habit altogether.

How Smokeless Cigarettes Work?

The electronic cigarette has three main parts — a battery, an atomizer, and a refillable nicotine chamber. The cartridges for the nicotine chamber are available in different strengths. The user can refill the cartridges by adjusting the amount of nicotine they want to intake. The cartridges also come with various flavors such as regular, menthol, apple and strawberry.

The cost effective nicotine cartridge last for the same time as 15-20 traditional cigarettes. Also, you can select the cartridge strength as standard, medium, low or none.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

The best advantage of electronic cigarette is that it doesn’t emit any dangerous substance in the form of smoke. But the cigarette can satisfy the smokers’ desire for tobacco with the same tactile sensation. While dragging the smoke from the e-cigarette the smokers can feel the warmth of tobacco smoke in their lungs. At the same time, while exhaling, the smoke that comes out is merely water vapors evaporates quickly leaving no bad effect for the smokers as well as the other people around the smokers. Besides being a safer option for smoking, electronic cigarettes has been proven aid for people willing to quit their smoking habits.

The changing legal landscape is making it difficult for the smokers to fulfill their nicotine crave at public places. But the science has developed innovative technologies with latest inventions and has enabled the smokers to use the cigarette anywhere they want as smoking the smokeless cigarette is legally permitted. Moreover, the electronic cigarettes have replaced the harmful smoking environment for the smokers. In a nutshell, electronic cigarette has come up as a healthier, cost effective and environment friendly alternative to the traditional cigarette.

Where Can The Smokeless Cigarette Be Purchased?

The Internet is inundated with e-cig service providers who sell smokeless cigarettes. However, you have to be at least 21-year old to be able to take advantage of their products. Bestsmokeanywhere.com is one of the leading e-cig service provides that offer a wide range of e-cig options. It offers a varied assortment of e-cigarettes with a diverse range of colors to choose from. You can choose from white, black, burgundy and order your favorite e-cigarettes from its secure online shopping centre. What’s more is that you can customize your e-cigs according your desired nicotine strength and favorite flavor. With as many as 25 different flavor varieties to pick from, one is spoiled for choices.